About Herbie

Herbie Gin – organic craft gin from Denmark

Herbie Gin is a craft gin brand. Distilled in Denmark with carefully selected botanicals – and whether you are a newbie or gin expert, there will be something to your liking. We even made one without alcohol!

Hand-crafted and distilled in Denmark

Herbie Gin saw the light of day in North Jutland. The award-winning distiller Anders Bilgram teamed up with spirits producer Anders Skotlander in 2016 with an ambition to make a Danish value-for-money gin with distinctive character who would both challenge and surprise. Now, three years later, Herbie Gin has picked up international awards in large numbers and garnered words of praise from reviewers both at home and abroad.

Value-for-money gin

In 2018, the leading international spirits trade publication “The Spirit Business” named Herbie Gin one of the 10 best “Value-for-money” gins in the world.


Why the name Herbie?

The name Herbie Gin did not come out of the blue. First of all, it is a spicy gin – quite “Herbie” in its tasting notes. Secondly, it’s a tribute to distiller Anders Bilgram’s German mentor – Herbert.


What is your favorite?

The Herbie Gin family comes in various shapes and flavors. Ranging from the very spicy Herbie Gin Original and Herbie Gin Christmas, to the lighter and more fruity Herbie Gin Export and Herbie Gin Pink. There’s even a Herbie gin for football supporters and one for airplane enthusiasts. And then there’s one for those not drinking alcohol – whether it is because you are pregnant, behind the wheel or something completely different. The newest addition to the Herbie family is organic, simple and clean: Juniper, citrus and buckthorn.

Which one will be your favorite?


Herbie Gin Organic is awarded a gold medal at The Gin Master 2019 and receives the highest number of points among all submitted organic gins.


Herbie Gin Pink launches as a challenger to rosé wine. 


Herbie is invited to the USA by food magazine Munchies, initiating a Nordic food festival. Leading to the Herbie Gin Export breaking the ice with it’s international tasting profile with a Nordic twist of apples and chamomile. Danish bartenders also took an immediate liking to it’s tasting profile. Making a launch in the autumn in its home country of Denmark.


Herbie launches the world’s first non-alcoholic gin Herbie Virgin and exports take off – now including 10 countries.


The spirit of Christmas makes Herbie release a very special Herbie Gin Christmas flavored with the spices of Christmas.


The first Herbie Gin is launched on the Fourth of December. Two weeks later it was awarded a gold medal in New York.